A silver beaker, a caster, three napkin rings and a decanter stand


Three silver napkin rings, two decorated with guilloche pattern and initialed within a cartouche, the third engraved with reeds and marked "Georges".
Late 19th Century.
Diameters: 5 cm (2 in.).
Total weight: 88 gr. (3 oz.).
Minor shocks.

Silver beaker with crossed ribbon motifs.
Circa 1900.
Height: 7,5 cm (3 in.).
Weight: 56 gr. (2 oz.).
Slight dents.

Crystal faceted caster, silver top pierced with vegetable and flower motifs.
Circa 1900.
Height: 14,5 cm (5-3/4 in.).

Plain silver decanter stand.
Circa 1900.
Diameter: 14 cm (5-1/2 in.).
Weight: 113 gr. (4 oz.).

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